How to Make Polymer in Palworld

Polymer is one of the most important materials in Palworld for crafting items. Everything in the game, including the assault rifle and signs, is made of polymer. Without polymer, it won’t be able to defeat some of the most formidable bosses or take down some of the strongest pals.

How to make polymer Palworld
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

The polymer creation uses two high-quality Pal oils and a production assembly line. Follow these steps to produce polymers in Palworld.

  • Reach level 33 and unlock the polymer technology in the technology tab.
  • Set up a production assembly line at your base.
  • Ensure there is a reliable source of electricity, like a power generator, available at your base.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, you can initiate the polymer creation process at the production assembly line.

Pals that drop Polymer

Jetragon palworld
Image source: fandom

Jetragon is the only one pal who drops the polymer. To find Jetragon, make your way to the volcanic island situated on the southwest side of the map.

Recipes that use Polymer

  • Assault Rifle
  • Decal Gun Set
  • Double-barreled Shotgun
  • Homing Sphere Launcher
  • Refrigerator
  • Relaxaurus Lux’s Missile Launcher
  • Relaxaurus’s Missile Launcher
  • Traffic Control Set
  • Circuit Board
  • Electric Furnace
  • Emergency Exit Sign Set
  • Grizzbolt’s Minigun
  • Hyper Grappling Gun
  • Pump-action Shotgun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Scatter-Sphere Launcher
  • Single-shot Rifle

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