Palworld: How to Craft Tricorne

Palworld, a popular monster-hunting survival video game, offers players an amazing adventure in the vast world of the Palpagos Islands. With all aspects of the game, you can also make your character look better by wearing various items, and if you enjoy fighting, you will definitely love the Tricone, which is a decorative armor headgear in Palworld.

To craft the Tricorne you will need the Tricone Schematic, which can be obtained from the Duneshelter Merchant in the northeast desert biome. Then you may make it with Leather on any Workbench.


Additional EffectsWater Damage Reduction Lv 1

How to Get Tricorne Schematic

The only way to get the Tricorne Schematic is to purchase it from Duneshelter Wandering Merchant for 500 Coins.

How to Get Tricorne Schematic
Image source: Mapgenie

Wandering Merchants can be found in the Dune Shelter, which is located on the northeastern part of the map. Once there, buy Tricorne Schematic from Red Coat.

How to Craft Tricorne in Palworld

After getting the schematic you will need the Leatherx10. So you can craft Tricorne at any workbench including:

  • Primitive Workbench
  • High-Quality Workbench
  • Production Assembly Line
  • Production Assembly Line II

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