How to Beat Axel and Orserk in Palworld

Palworld, a popular monster-hunting survival game, features hundreds of pals with different elements. Five of these pals will appear in boss battles with rival trainers as you progress in the game. These special tower bosses are usually overpowered in the early to mid-game, attack you hard, and have an enormous amount of health.

Axel ranks as the third-top player in the game, and he’s teamed up with Orserk, a pal with electric or dragon elemental abilities. Beating them is challenging, as most of your pals will not be able to stand in front of their power. 

axel location
Image source: Palworld

Axel and Orserk spawn in the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre. The coordinates of the location are -591, -520. It is to the southwest of Mount Obsidian.

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Image source: Palworld

How to beat Axel and Orserk

To fight the Axel and Orserk, you need to be well prepared with all imported equipment that also carries powerful weapons like assault rifles and rocket launchers and allows you to choose the legendary variants. Also, carry heat-resistant armour to protect yourself from the high temperature of the volcano biome.

Select Pals wisely

Selecting perfect pals is very essential to beating Axel and Orserk. Select the ice or ground-level pals like Frostallion above level 15, which are effective against Orserk.

Become War-Ready

Increase your and your friends’ fighting skills by eating foods such as Mozzarina Cheeseburgers, which will give you and your allies a substantial 20% attack increase. This extra strength will come in very handy while quickly eliminating Axel and Orserk.

Put Your Plan into Action

Keep a safe distance from Axel and Orserk during the battle to avoid being hit by their powerful area-of-effect attacks. Use the surroundings as cover as needed, especially the pillars. Use your ranged weapons to slowly reduce the bosses’ health while calling allies to divert their attention and save your energy for dodging their devastating charge assaults.

Now take a hit-and-run strategy and keep attacking Axel and Orserk until their HP is all gone. It will just take a few minutes to defeat Axel and Orserk if you apply this method with diligence.

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