Palworld: Defeat Alpha Boss Suzaku

Alpha Boss Suzuku is a fire element pal in the game who can intensify fire strikes while mounted. Players must advance to level 45 in order to obtain this Alpha Boss. With its speed and fire wing, every player wants this Vermilion bird on their team, but it can be difficult to beat, thus players must use extreme caution when catching this pal. Check out the comprehensive guide to defeating Alpha Boss Suzaku.

Alpha Boss Suzaku Location

The northeastern continent of the Sand Dunes in Palworld is home to the Alpha Boss Suzaku, which players can locate in the center of the Desicated Desert. The coordinates of the location are (404, 256). The boss respawns every hour after defeating it, so sometimes you need to wait for its respawn. Also, it is only available during the day, so make sure you visit the location during that time.

How to Beat Alpha Boss Suzaku

With four moves that have a cooldown of ten seconds or less, this Level 45 pal has strong stats and is tough to defeat. Also, its HP is remarkably high in comparison to other pals.

You need the water element pals to counter this fire element pal. This boss uses fire element powers for five of his six moves; hence, the water element pal can be quite helpful when facing Alpha Boss Suzaku. Players can use water element pals like Jormuntide, Azurobe, and Suzaku Aqua.

At coordinates 351, -85, players can locate the Jormuntide in the lake to the east of the Mossandra Forest teleport point. Azurobe can be found in the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary and the waters west of the Bridge of Twin Kights. The Suzaku Aqua is located northwest of the No Man’s Trail, roughly at coordinates -126, 141.

Pal Info: Alpha Boss Suzaku

Alpha Boss Suzaku
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld
  • Element: Fire
  • Work Suitability: Kindling 3
  • Partner Skill: Wings of Flame can intensify fire strikes while mounted. (Requires Suzaku Saddle)
  • Possible Drops: Flame Organ

Alpha Boss Suzaku’s Active Skills

Lv 1 Air CannonCT: 2sPower: 25
Rapidly discharges a high-pressure air blast.
Lv 7 Ignis BlastCT: 2sPower: 30
directs a ball of fire toward an enemy.
Lv 15 Spirit FireCT: 7sPower: 45
aims fireballs at an enemy. After a short distance, the fireballs burst, creating smaller fireballs that move.
Lv 22 Flare ArrowCT: 10sPower: 55
fires three consecutive flaming arrows that target an enemy.
Lv 30 Ignis BreathCT: 15sPower: 70
Continuously deals harm to an enemy by shooting flames at them.
Lv 40 Flare StormCT: 18sPower: 80
Before firing them at an attacker, create two flame tornadoes on either side.
Lv 50 Fire BallCT: 55sPower: 150
forms a massive flaming ball and launches it towards an enemy. At impact, the ball bursts over a large region.

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