Palworld: Reptyro Cryst Location, Skills and Breeding

Reptyro Cryst is an ice element variation of Reptyro with the ability to improve the efficiency of mining ores while mounted. Peptyro Cryst can perform a variety of tasks for you and is also capable of having a significant impact in fights. However, capturing it can be tricky.

Reptyro Cryst

Reptyro Cryst/ Ice Reptyro
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  • Element: Ice Element
  • Partner Skill: Ice-Loving Beast (can be ridden). Improve the efficiency of mining ores while mounted. (Requires Ice Reptyro Saddle→ Unlocks at Lv. 37)
  • Work Suitability: Mining 3 and Cooling 3
  • Possible Drops: Ice Organ

Reptyro Cryst Active Skills

Lv 1 Ice MissileCT: 3sPower: 30
makes ice spears fly into the air and strike enemies.
Lv 7 Stone BlastCT: 10sPower: 55
throws a volley of stones in his direction.
Lv 15 IcebergCT: 15sPower: 70
A sharp ice lance can be summoned underneath a rival.
Lv 22 Cryst BreathCT: 22sPower: 90
envelops an enemy in a chilly gust of wind, inflicting persistent damage.
Lv 30 Frost BurstCT: 45sPower: 100
Ice Reptyro’s unique ability. lifts its front legs and drives them hard into the earth, launching frozen explosions beneath the enemies. At the same time, snowballs are pelting them from above.
Lv 40 Blizzard SpikeCT: 45sPower: 130
Forms a massive ice lump and launches it towards an enemy. After impact, it causes harm to nearby individuals.
Lv 50 Rock LanceCT: 55sPower: 150
produces a pointed rock spear underneath an enemy.

How to find Reptyro Cryst (Palworld 088 B)

Unfortunately, Reptyro Cryst is not visible anywhere on the map, day or night. However, you can obtain it by hatching eggs or by breeding it. Check out the full details below. 

Reptyro Cryst can be hatched from large, Scorching Eggs. These eggs are interactive objects that may be picked up and thrown over the islands. They can also be produced on a breeding farm by breeding pals together. Once an egg is obtained, put it in an incubator and wait as it begins to hatch.

How to Breed Reptyro Cryst

To breed Reptyro Cryst, you will need two pals, Foxcicle and Reptyro, of opposite genders. Foxcicle is found in the Frostbound Mountains on a small ice-capped mountain. Reptyro lies in the volcanic zone in the southwest part of the island. In particular, they can be found wandering next to the volcano mountain.

For more breeding combinations, you can use our Palworld Breeding Calculator:

Once got both Foxcicle and Reptyro. Select them to partner on your farm. Remember to give the breeding farm some cake. After a while, they’ll lay a pale egg, which you can hatch later on using an incubator.

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