Palworld: How to Write Message on a Signboard

Palworld, a newly popular survival game by Pocket Pair, offers players the opportunity to play with their friends in multiplayer mode and, if you want, leave a message for them while they’re playing. So here come the signboards, which showcase your message to others in the game.

How to Unlock & Craft Signboard In Palworld

To unlock the signboard in Palworld, players will need to reach level 7 and use one technology point. To write a message on a signboard, players will need 10 wood pieces, and then they can craft their signboard. After obtaining the required materials, you can decide where to put the signboard.

write messages to signboards
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

Follow these steps to write a message to your friends:

  1. Position the signboard in your preferred location.
  2. Use the designated key or button to interact with the signboard.
  3. A small box will emerge, allowing you to modify the text displayed on the signboard.
  4. Customize the signboard with the desired message.
  5. Ensure that the content adheres to guidelines, avoiding profanity or restricted symbols.
  6. Confirm and save the changes to apply the modified text to the signboard.
  7. Note that maintaining a PG rating is essential when crafting messages for the signboards.

For Xbox players who are facing some bugs in writing memos for their friends, this issue will be fixed in the upcoming updates. We recommend Xbox players wait for the update from developers rather than attempting any fixes or mods.

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