Palworld: Sulfur Location And Farm

Sulfur is a very useful advanced crafting ingredient in Palworld that is needed to make gunpowder, which is used to update your small pals’ guns. Sulfur can be difficult to locate because it isn’t as common as rock or ore, but we have included comprehensive instructions on how to get sulfur in Palworld. Check it out below.

There are lots of sulfur deposits available in the game. The resource can be found on top of Mount Obsidian, but be prepared for extreme heat by bringing heat-resistant armor and clothes. There are a few sulfur deposits in dungeons, and Twilight Dunes, which is situated at coordinates -160 and -114, is the other site.

Sulfur in Palworld
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

If you don’t know what sulfur looks like, check out the yellow-ish rock, as shown in the image, which is sulfur. Any pickaxe will do to mine them, and pals with any mining skill level can assist you in farming them. To enhance your carry capacity and grab more at once, you can use pals like Cattiva or Broncherry.

The Best Sulfur Farm Locations in Palworld

Once you find the sulfur deposit, you can assign specific pals to farm it. We recommend you get the flying mount to reach the Location with ease. 

You can farm the sulfur at Mount Obsidian at coordinates (-499, -524) east of the Eternal Pyre Entrance fast travel point and south of the Mount Obsidian Midpoint fast travel point.

Because there are several sulfur deposits to target and the landscape is largely level, this place is ideal for base building. Players have to first eliminate a few pals who are level 35 or higher from the area. Your pals will now gather sulfur for you after you’ve built the base.

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