Palworld: How to Get Mind Control Meds and Use Them

Pal are frequently get sick in Palworld and keeping them healthy and happy is tough. They often work overtime, which can weaken, stress, and depress them. thankfully you can cure them with “Mind Control Meds,” which not only treat the illness but also immediately restore their sanity.

Mind Control Meds make your pals happier, other than just cures compared to other meds in Palworld. Check out the comprehensive guide below to get the Mind Control meds in Palworld.

Mind Control Meds

You can purchase Mind Control Meds from Wandering Merchants in Duneshelter for 10,000 coins. However, you can also craft it on an Electric Medicine Workbench.

Electric Furnace
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

The Electric Medicine Workbench is unlocked after reaching level 43 in the Technology tree and will require an electricity source to work.

Materials need to craft Mind Control Meds:

You can make Refined Ingot at an Improved Furnace by using Ore x2 and Coal x2. Horns can be dropped by pals like Caprity and Eikthydeer upon defeating similarly Bones can be dropped by Anubis, Bushi, Loupmoon, and more. Pal Fluids can be obtained by capturing or killing water-type pals.

How to Use Mind Control Meds

Follow these steps to give your Pals Mind Control Meds:

  1. Approach the Pal you want to heal.
  2. Open the menu (press 4 on PC).
  3. Choose “Feed.”
  4. Select “Mind Control Meds”

If your pal is in the party, Open your inventory, choose the medicine, and then select the pal you wish to heal.

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