Rayhound | Location, Breeding, Stats, Skills

Rayhound is one of the best Electric element pals you can find in the game. This pal is best when mounted on the ground because of its exceptional speed and unique Partner Skill. This skill increases Rayhound’s utility and thrill in the game by enabling the player to double jump while riding on it.


Image source: Screenshot from Palworld
  • Element: Electric
  • Work Suitability: Generating Electricity 2
  • Possible Drops: Electric Organ
  • Partner Skill: Jumping Force – Can be mounted. able to double jump while riding. (Requires Level 26 unlocking Rayhound Saddle→)

Where to Find Rayhound

Alpha Rayhound Location: You can find the Alpha Rayhound at the end of the Dessicated Desert Dungeons. The Rayhound here is between levels 37 to 40 and If the final boss isn’t the Alpha Rayhound, players might have to restart the dungeon or defeat the current boss and try again elsewhere.

Wild Rayhound Location: The Sand Dunes region of the Dessicated Desert is the home of the Wild Rayhound. You can capture this pal both during the day and at night at the center and bottom areas.

How to Catch Rayhound

To catch Rayhound in Palworld, you’ll need to be quick and agile. Rayhound may shoot projectiles at you and your pal, so be sure you know how to roll and slide. You’ll have to move quickly to avoid them.

Rayhound is a mid-to-high-level Pal, therefore he might not be compatible with regular Pal Spheres. Using a Giga Pal Sphere as a minimum is a wonderful idea.

How to Breed Rayhound

To breed a Rayhound, you’ll need the Bellanoir or Bellanoir Libero as one of the parents, which might be difficult to catch, but don’t worry, we have given you a comprehensive guide to catching the Bellanoir and Bellanoir Libero. After you catch one of them, catch the Lamball of the opposite gender of the first pal you capture a bunch of Lamballs on the southeastern region of Palpagos Island. 

Once you have both parents, select them to partner on your farm. Remember to give the breeding farm some cake. After a while, they’ll lay a pale egg, which you can hatch later on using an incubator.

For more breeding combinations, you can use our Palworld Breeding Calculator:

Active Skills

Skill NameCooldown TimerPower Level
Sand Blast4s40
Spark Blast2s30
Stone Blast10s55
Electric Ball9s50
Lightning Streak16s75
Lightning Bolt55s150

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