How to Find and Catch Pyrin in Palworld

In Palworld, you can capture hundreds of pals with different abilities and skills. Fire element pals are one of the essential pals to fight against water-type pals and more. Pyrin is one of the fire element pals in the game you can definitely wish to have on your team. It is among one of the faster ground mounts in Palworld. Additionally, once mounted, it can deal fire damage to players’ attacks and has a unique partner skill known as Red Hare.

Where to Find Pyrin in Palworld

Pal Info: Pyrin

  • Element: Fire
  • Partner Skill: Red Hare, Can be ridden. (Needs Pyrin Saddle→ Unlocks at Level 30). While mounted, it can apply fire damage to the player’s attacks.
  • Work Suitability: Kindling 2 and Lumbering 1
  • Possible Drops: Flame Organ and Leather

Wild Pyrin Location

pyrin location 1
Image source: Mapgenie

On Palworld’s map, players can find the wild Pyrin throughout this volcanic region to the west. We advise gamers to bring Heat Resistant Armor as being in a volcanic area can cause damage due to its high temperature.

 Alpha Pyrin

pyrin location 2
Image source: Mapgenie

Alpha Pyrin is located near the end of the Volcanic Cavern dungeons, which are located in the Mount Obsidian region. The player will encounter an Alpha Pal after every dungeon, who is usually between Levels 36 and 38.

Additionally, a Pyrin can be hatched from a large, scorching egg. These eggs are interactive objects that may be picked up and thrown over the islands. On a breeding farm, they can also be produced by breeding pals together. Once an egg is obtained, put it in an incubator and wait as it begins to hatch.

How to Breed Pyrin 

To breed Pyrin, players will need two pals, Beakon and Penking, of opposite genders. To catch the Beakon, players need to head far to the northeast, where they can encounter wild beakon throughout the top half of the Sand Dunes region. For easy access, players can fast travel to the Deep Sand Dunes waypoint and should be able to find Beakon flying in this area with little trouble. Penking is located in the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings and No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Once got both Beakon and Penking. Select them to partner on your farm. Remember to give the breeding farm some cake. After a while, they’ll lay a pale egg, which you can hatch later on using an incubator.

For more breeding combinations, you can use our Palworld Breeding Calculator:

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