Bellanoir Libero | location, breeding, stats, and how to beat

One of the most prominent to Palworld is the raid boss mechanic, which first appeared with Bellanoir, a Dark-type Pal that looked like a witch. Bringing out the Bellanoir Libero version increases the difficulty. Check out the comprehensive guide to defeating Bellanoir Libero and its more powerful Ultra variant.


Bellanoir Libero Palworld 1
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld
  • Element – Dark
  • Work Suitability – Handiwork 2, Medicine Production 4, and Transporting 2
  • Drops – Huge Dark Egg (hatches a Bellanoir Libero), Stout Fruit (Legendary), 2 Ancient Civilization Cores, Multiclimate Undershirt+2, Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) Slab
  • Partner Skill – When activated, unleashes the deadly Nightmare Bloom on the targeted enemy.

How to Get Bellanoir Libero

Bellanoir Libero has not spawned anywhere in the Palworld. It can be obtained only through special eggs produced by certain pals or by other means.

To get the Bellanoir Libero, you need to fight the boss version of the pal. First, you have to craft and use Bellanoir Libero’s Slabs. To do that, you must collect 4 Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragments from chests at the end of the dungeons. But it is not going to be easy, as you have to defeat the Dungeon bosses to get your hands on Bellanoir Liber Slab Fragments. Check out the Dungeons location in the attached image.

Once you’ve got all 4 fragments, craft the Bellanoir Libero’s Slab on your assembly line, whichever you use to craft items. Then, head to the Summoning Altar and use Bellanoir Libero’s Slabs there. This will summon Bellanoir Libero to your raid base. Be prepared for an intense battle as this raid boss begins with 450,000 HP, and you need to prepare your best pals for it. Once you defeat the boss, you will obtain the Huge Dark Egg.

You have to defeat the boss; you cannot capture it, no matter what kind of Pal Sphere you use. After obtaining the egg by drafting the boss, you can hatch it in an Egg Incubator to get Bellanoir Libero.

How to Beat Bellanoir Libero

Prepare Your Team: Create a mixture of captured and base Jetragons, Astegons, Frostallions, and Orserks. Make sure one of your Jetragons is maxed out and that the others are at least level 2 or 3. Get both a 4- and a 5-star Orserk. Add Jormuntide Ignis and swap out Jetragons for Blazamuts in the second phase.

Phase 1 Strategy: Use a combination of Frostallions, Astegons, Jetragons, and Orserks. Utilize a maxed Chillet and Gobfins as a weapon platform. While keeping an eye on your team’s health, concentrate on giving damage.

Phase 2 Transition: Add Jormuntide Ignis to your team and replace Jetragons with Blazamuts to make an easy transition into phase 2. Be careful of your team’s health while maintaining a high DPS.

Solo Strategy: As an alternative, use just your Chillet and Ragnahawk to fight 1v1. This strategy might result in more DPS and better Bellanoir focus, making fights easier to handle.

Keep Your Focus: To increase your DPS, make sure that no other pals are blocking your view. Avoid distractions by eliminating the need to swap out dead Pals from the box during the battle.

How to Breed Bellanoir Libero

To breed Bellanoir Libero, you will need Bellanoir Libero’s parents. You can get them by following the above guide. Once you get them, select them to partner with on your farm. After a while, they’ll lay a pale egg, which you can hatch later on using an incubator.

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