Palworld: How to Get Gunpowder

Gunpowder is a material in Palworld you can farm, collect, and use. Referred to as “Pokemon with Guns,” the game involves extensive use of firearms, which makes Gunpowder a pivotal material essential for crafting ammunition. Check out the comprehensive guide to get the gunpowder fast.

Gunpowder is a Tier 21 technology item and costs 2 points to unlock. It can be crafted at a high-quality workbench or better. You can get the gunpowder by defeating Pal Tocotoco, which is a neutral element Pal. Check out its locations to catch it and defeat it to get gunpowder in the drop.

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Could appear as the Dungeon Alpha Male: Tocotoco can become the Alpha Boss in the dungeons of Ravine Grotto. Before leaving the dungeon, you must face this powerful Pal in the last room and beat it to escape.

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Encounters as a Wild Pal in Dungeon Settings: Tocotoco may also be found in the Cavern of the Dunes dungeons as a wild Pal. This Pal could spawn in these dungeon chambers with enemy NPCs, adding even more difficulty.

How to Make Gunpower in Palworld

To make the Gunpower Players, they must reach level 21 and have 2 charcoal and 1 sulfur. To obtain Charcoal, process 2x Wood using a Primitive Furnace, which unlocks at Level 10, resulting in 1x Charcoal. Sulfur can be mined in underground dungeons and inside desert biomes.

Creating Gunpowder with Sulfur and Charcoal

To produce Gunpowder in Palworld, follow these steps. Begin by acquiring Sulfur. Once obtained, proceed as follows:

1. Gather the necessary materials:
   – 1x Sulfur
   – 2x Charcoal

2. Construct a High-Quality workbench and access the Technology menu to unlock the Gunpowder recipe.

All Gunpowder Crafting recipes

RecipeLevel NeededMaterials Needed
Rocket Ammo49Gunpowder x5
Pal Metal Ingot x1
Assault Rifle Ammo45Gunpowder x2
Refined Ingot x1
Shotgun Shells39Gunpowder x3
Refined Ingot x1
Rifle Ammo36Gunpowder x2
Refined Ingot x1
Frag Grenade31Fiber x10
Gunpowder x1
Stone x10
Handgun Ammo29Gunpowder x1
Ingot x1
Coarse Ammo21Gunpowder x1
Ingot x1
Assault Rifle Ammo45Gunpowder x2
Refined Ingot x1

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