How to Capture Merchants in Palworld

Merchants are Palworld NPCs from whom you can purchase and sell an array of items, including Pals, Resources, and several other items. From basic crafting ingredients to building supplies and gear upgrades, the many Merchants spread around Palworld’s terrain have a wide range of items for sale.

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Types of Merchents in Palworld

Pal Merchant: These merchants sell or Buy a wide range of Pals and are identifiable by their blue coats. Their supply is more basic, with Pals that are common to find on Palpagos Island, and their levels are often low.

Wandering Merchant: The Wandering Merchants only sell or purchase important items. There are two types of wandering merchants: one with a red coat and one with a green coat.

Red Coat merchants: These are the most common type in the game. They provide a variety of basic things including food, materials, and equipment. Green Coat merchants provide advanced equipment and supplies, such as schematics and rare ores.

Black Marketeer/ Shady Trader: These elusive merchants deal in illegal or banned goods, with a continuously changing inventory that often includes high-value items.

How to Capture Merchants

Catching merchants is similar to catching pals in the game, but with higher risks since engaging in a fight with any friendly NPC would result in a Wanted status. During this action, you will see opposing soldiers chasing and fighting you, and these opponents are frequently incredibly high-level. Check out the steps to catch merchants.

  • Step 1: Find a merchant
  • Step 2: Scout the area and attack from a different angle, To avoid disturbing surrounding NPCs
  • Step 3: Toss a Pal Sphere when they get a low health level.

After successfully catching the Merchant, return to the base and select an NPC to work at your base.

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