How to Get Jormuntide Ignis in Palworld: Location & Breeding Combs

A dragon/fire element pal in the game, Jormuntide Ignis is a fire variant of Jormuntide that every player desires on their team. but unfortunately, it is among the most difficult pals to breed on Palworld. However, if you are looking to breed one, check out a comprehensive guide on how to breed Jormuntide Ignis.

You can find Jormuntide Ignis at the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary both during the day and at night, located in the northwest part of the map. Additionally, this is northwest of the teleport point to Ruined Fortress City.

Jormuntide Ignis Location
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Jormuntide Ignis

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  • Element: Dragon/Fire
  • Work Suitability: Kindling 4
  • Possible Drops: High-Quality Pal Oil and Flame Organ
  • Partner Skill: Stormbringer Lava Dragon – Mountable. Boosts Fire attacks when riding. (Requires Jormuntide Ignus Saddle)

Unfortunately, the only single combination that will result in Jormuntide Ignis being born is Jormuntide Ignis and Jormuntide Ignis. At present, this is the sole breeding combination for Jormuntide Ignis. However, players can hatch Jormuntide Ignis from a Huge Dragon Egg.

Jormuntide Ignis Hatch from Huge Dragon Egg

A large dragon egg can hatch into a Jormuntide Ignis. Pal eggs are interactive items that may be found scattered over the islands. Once you have an egg, wait for it to hatch by placing it in an egg incubator.

You can also use our new Palworld Breeding Calculator.

Jormuntide Ignis Breeding Combinations

Parent 1Parent 2Child
PenkingJormuntide IgnisNitewing
RagnahawkJormuntide IgnisQuivern
ElizabeeJormuntide IgnisReptyro
Mossanda luxJormuntide IgnisQuivern
PyrinJormuntide IgnisWarsect
MossandaJormuntide IgnisRagnahawk
VanwyrmJormuntide Igniscinnamoth

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