Palworld: How to Craft and Use Pyrin Noct Saddle

Pyrin Noct is a variant of the dark element pal, Pyrin, that grants the player the ability to deal dark damage to enemies while mounted. Pyrin Noct is among the fastest pals, and if a player has a saddle, it can even be mounted. See the detailed instructions for building and using a Pyrin Noct saddle.

How to Find Pyrin Noct

You must show patience to catch Pyrin Noct because he is one of the fastest pals in the game. This mount is only located in the volcanic area of Mount Obsidian and can only be found at night. Since it’s hot there, we advised players to utilize it in the safety area. Don’t forget to pack your strongest friends and weapons to catch it.

Pyrin Noct location
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How to Craft Pyrin Noct Saddle

Pyrin Noct
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After catching the Pyrin Noct, players can ride this swift monster while traveling by crafting the Pyrin Noct Saddle. To obtain the recipe for this item, the first player must level up in their technology tree to level 33 and invest two technology points.

Gather now all the necessary materials: thirty pieces of leather, thirty fibers, a 24-flame organ, eighteen ingots, and thirty pieces of palladium. Now you will be able to craft the saddle on your Pal Gear Workbench.

How to use Pyrin Noct saddle

To use the Pyrin Noct Saddle, summon the monster in the world, then mount it by using its partner skill to jump upon its back. You can now make use of Payrin Noct’s quick journey in Palworld.

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