Palworld: How to Get the Legendary Handgun

The legendary handgun is an advanced version of a handgun in Palworld that is essential to defeating stronger pals in a fight. It stands out as among the initial industrial-grade weapons featured in the game, with its renowned schematic accessible as soon as level 29.

Legendary Handgun

legendary handgun palworld

A legendary handgun can be crafted by using schematics, which you can get from the Alpha Boss Beakon upon defeating it. However, to beat the boss, you need to be fully prepared. 

The Alpha Beakon can be found in Palworld’s Deep Bamboo Thicket at level 29. The precise coordinates are -344 and -254. Teleporting to the Deep Bamboo Thicket waypoint and then heading south is the quickest route.

legendary handgun palworld location
Image source: Mapgenie

Bring your best pals and weapons to fight the boss. Also, the boss respawns after every hour of being defeated, so you need to have patience to get the pal.

Legendary Handgun Crafting Requirements

You will need Ingot X337, High-Quality Pal Oil X100, and Ancient Civilization Parts X14 to craft a legendary handgun. 

Legendary Handgun Crafting Requirements
Image source: Palworld

Crafting Workbenches:

  • Weapon Workbench
  • Weapon Assembly Line
  • Weapon Assembly Line II

You can craft a Legendary Handgun Schematic at any of the above-mentioned crafting workbenches if you acquire the necessary materials.

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