Palworld: Full Pal Essence Condenser Guide

In Palworld, players can sacrifice pals to strengthen other pals through the Condenser. Players can use Small Pal Soul at the Statue of Power to increase the stats of their pals. They can also use condensation to improve their favourites by sacrificing multiple pals of the same type. Unlike Small Pal Soul, condensation also boosts the Partner Skill level, offering critical advantages in the late game. Check out the comprehensive guide on how to use the Pal Essence Condenser.

How to Unlock Pal Essence Condenser

Palworld Condenser 3
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

To begin condensing Pals, you need to unlock and construct the Pal Essence Condenser. You can access it in the Ancient Technology tab after completing stage 14. You’ll also need two Ancient Technology Points and the following materials:

  • 20 Paldium Fragments
  • 20 Ingots
  • 5 Ancient Technology Materials

How to Use the Pal Essence Condenser

Once you’ve constructed the Pal Essence Condenser and gathered the essential materials, interact with the shape. Follow the below steps:

Sort by Number: To make choosing your pals for condensation easier, arrange them in the Pal Box according to their “Paldeck No.”

Select Your Base Pal: Choose the Pal you need to enhance. This Pal will become stronger after the condensation process.

palworld condenser
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

Choose Sacrificial Pals: Pick four pals of the same type as your base pal. The condensation system will start with the sacrifice of these Pals. Remember that the Pals who were sacrificed might not return.

palworld condenser 1
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

Begin Condensation: To start the procedure, click “Begin Condensation”. Your base friend’s stats will rise significantly upon completion, and their Partner Skill stage will advance.

palworld condenser 2
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

You can repeat the condensation method as many as four times, each time requiring greater sacrifices:

  • 1st Condensation: 4 Pals
  • 2nd Condensation: 16 Pals
  • 3rd Condensation: 32 Pals
  • 4th Condensation: 64 Pals

It’s vital to pick out your pals accurately before starting the condensation process because it requires sacrificing numerous pals.

How to Increase Partner Skill

When you increase a pal’s rank in Palworld, their Partner Skill level goes up too. This boosts their effectiveness in their capabilities, like dealing greater damage or being extra useful.

Additionally, a pal who completes condensation gains a 5% boost to their maximum HP, attack, and defence in addition to an increase in Partner Skill Level.

overall, your pals’ base stats will grow by 20% when they reach the 4th rank. Notably, ranking higher does not affect hunger levels.

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