Palworld: How to Get Lettuce Seeds

There are several resources and items in Palworld you need to gather to survive in the Palpagos Islands. Lettuce seeds are one of them that are needed to grow lettuce, which can be used to cook meals and control your and your pal’s hunger. Check out the comprehensive guide to get Lettuce Seeds.

Purchase From Wandering Merchant

Wandering Merchants
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The easiest and fastest way to get the Lettuce seeds is by purchasing them from Wandering Merchant at Fisherman’s Point for 200 gold. You can also buy Lettuce for 150 gold each. 

Lettuce Seeds palworld
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Drop From Pals

Some pals drop the Lettuce Seeds upon capturing or defeating them in battle. However, Lettuce Seeds are not a common drop it could take some time to get some. Check out the Pals that possibly drop Lettuce Seeds.

Lettuce Seeds Palworld Location1
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Cinnamoth is a grass element pal and one of the low-level pals that you can use to farm Lettuce Seeds. Cinnamoth is located within the Cinnamoth Forest travel point, located in the middle of the map.

Lettuce Seeds Palworld Location2
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Bristla is a grass element pal as well, and she might be the finest at farming lettuce seeds. Bristla is located at the Ancient Ritual Site, a notable location in the middle of the Palworld map.

Wumpo Botan
Lettuce Seeds Palworld Location3
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When defeated or captured, Wumpo Butan offers Lettuce and Tomato seeds and respawns after a one-hour cooldown. Wumpo Botan is located on the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary island, near the map’s western side.

Broncherry Aqua
Lettuce Seeds Palworld Location4
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Broncherry Aqua is a water/grass element pal in the game that can be located at Shoal Mineshaft at coordinates 141, and -434. From the Seal of the Swordmaster Fast Travel point, walk northwest to easily reach the location.

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