Palworld: How to get all legendary schematics

Legendary schematics provide an edge in the battle against the tower bosses and Alpha Pals in the game, which is challenging to beat. If your pals are struggling to win battles, it’s time to upgrade your gear with legendary schematics. Check out a comprehensive guide to get all the legendary schematics in Palworld.

Legendary schematics can be discovered in chests or as a rare drop from certain Alpha Pal bosses. However, it is tough to get the legendary schematics, but we have some fixed locations where players have very high chances of success. Check out all locations below.

Legendary Weapons

legendary Weapon SchematicAlpha PalLocation
Legendary Old BowKingpaca (Level 23)Open world (50, -460)
Legendary CrossbowBushi (Level 23)Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster (-116, -491)
Legendary HandgunBeakon (Level 29)Open world (-345, -253)
Legendary Pump-action ShotgunSuzaku (Level 45)Open world (404,255)
Legendary Assault RifleBlazamut (Level 49)Scorching Mineshaft (-434, -532)
Legendary Rocket LauncherJetragon (Level 50)Open world (-789, -322)

Legendary Armor

Legendary Armor SchematicAlpha BossLocation
Legendary Cloth OutfitChillet (Level 11)Open world (173, -418)
Legendary Feathered Hair BandPenking (Level 15)Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings (114, -352)
Legendary Pelt ArmorAzurobe (Level 17)Open world (-53, -388)
Legendary Metal HelmWarsect (Level 30)Sealed Realm of the Stalwart (161, -224)
Legendary Metal ArmorElizabee (Level 31)Devout’s Mineshaft (32, -183)
Legendary Refined Metal HelmMenasting (Level 44)Dessicated Mineshaft (494, 82)
Legendary Heat Resistant Refined Metal ArmorAstegon (Level 48)Destroyed Mineshaft (-578, -418)
Legendary Cold Resistant Refined Metal ArmorLyleen Noct (Level 49)Iceberg Mineshaft (-142, 322)
Legendary Heat Resistant Pal Metal ArmorNecromus (Level 50)Open world (447, 679)
Legendary Cold Resistant Pal Metal ArmorPaladius (Level 50)Open world (447, 679)
Legendary Pal Metal HelmetFrostallion (Level 50)Open world (-357, 509)

How To Farm Legendary Schematics

Players can farm Legendary Schematics by following the given steps:

  1. Catch and Butcher Alpha Pals
  2. Farm Chests for Legendary Schematics
  3. Adjust World Settings to Farm Legendaries

Catch and Butcher Alpha Pals

1. Capture the Alpha Boss: Rather than killing the Alpha Boss, use the game’s mechanisms to capture it.

2. Equip the Meat Cleaver and Use the Butcher Option: Assemble the Meat Cleaver and choose the Butcher option from the menu while it is attached.

3. Double Drops Chance: By killing a captured Alpha Boss and causing it to drop loot again, including rare Legendary Schematics, you may practically double your odds of obtaining valuable items.

Farm Chests for Legendary Schematics

Legendary Schematics may also be obtained from any type of chest, whether it is common, copper, silver, or gold. Thus, make sure to open every chest you come across throughout the game.

Adjust World Settings to Farm Legendaries

It is possible to speed up the spawning of Alpha Bosses that drop Legendary Schematics and improve the chance that they will drop them by simply changing the world setting in your game menu.

  • Day Time Speed / Night Time Speed
  • Pal Appearance Rate (Note: increasing this will result in the simultaneous appearance of three Alpha Bosses)


  • Difficulty: 3
  • Day Time Speed: 1
  • Night Time Speed: 3
  • Exp Rate: 20
  • Pol Capture Rate: 2
  • Pol Appearance Rate: Note: Affects game performance 3
  • Damage to Pol Multiplier: 3
  • Damage to Pals Multiplier: 3
  • Pol Hunger Regeneration Rate: 3
  • Pol Thirst Regeneration Rate: 3
  • Pol Health Regeneration Rate (Health Regeneration Rate in Packia): 3
  • Pal Sleep Health Regeneration Rate: (Health Regeneration Rate in Packia) 3
  • Damage to Player Multiplier: 0.7
  • Damage from Player Multiplier: 1
  • Player Oxygen Depletion Rate: 1
  • Player Stamina Reduction Rate: 1

It is important to remember that increasing the Dropped items multiplier option to 3x will only enable you to locate three instances of the same Legendary Schematic simultaneously and will not be helpful in this situation.

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