How to get the Epic Rocket Launcher in Palworld

Palworld, a newly popular survival game, featured many weapons, including crossbows, swords, muskets, guns, and more, in its amusing adventure in the Palpagos Islands.

Every player wants the epic rocket launcher to fight the enemies and pals in the game, but they find it challenging sometimes. Check out the guide below to get the epic rocket launcher in Palworld.

get the Epic Rocket Launcher in Palworld
image source: palworld

Steps to get the Epic Rocket Launcher in Palworld

Players will need to get the Schematic 4 first to get the rocket launcher. Check out the full step-by-step guide below.

  • Step 1. On the map, navigate to the northwest region of the volcanic area at coordinates -789 and -321.
  • Step 2. Go to this place to find the boss, Jetragon Alpha Pal.
  • Step 3. Choose to either take control of the Jetragon Alpha Pal or fight it.
  • Step 4. The Rocket Launcher Schematic 4 may drop as a prize once step 3 is completed.
  • Step 5. Gather the schematic and proceed to any workbench, whether it is Primitive or Superior.
  • Step 6. Make the powerful Epic Rocket Launcher using the schematic.
  • Step 7. Equip your freshly made rocket launcher and prepare to use it destructively on your journeys.

Players need to remember that the Jetragon Alpha boss is at level 50 and dragon-type, so be careful in your location to get a schematic. Don’t forget to bring your best pals to fight the Jetragon, and if you are not able to get Schematic at first chance, you can repeat the process every hour.

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