Palworld: How to Trade Pals with Another Player

There are hundreds of different Pals with a variety of abilities and skills scattered around the big map of Palworld, and catching each of them is challenging. So trading the pals with other players is one of the best options the game has, aside from its other amazing features. Trading with pals saves you time and resources. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to trade pals with another pal in Palworld.

There are two ways to trade a pal with another player in the game. You have to give your pal to your friend and get one from him, which you want for your team.

In the first method, you need to drop your pal on the ground, which allows your friend to pick it up and then do the same for you. Follow these steps to drop off your pallet:

  1. Open your party screen. Find the “Party” icon or menu item and click on it.
  2. Select a pal you wish to give away. Find the pal you want to drop by scrolling through your list of pals.
  3. Move the cursor over your pal. Place the cursor exactly on the picture or icon of the pal you wish to drop using your mouse or trackpad.
  4. Press the “R” key on your keyboard. On your keyboard, find the “R” key and hit it once. The drop command will be started by doing this.
  5. Confirm the action. You’ll see a notification or caution on your screen asking you to confirm that you want to drop the Pal. Click or select “Yes” to confirm.
  6. Observe the dropped Pal. After confirmation, your pal will be dropped onto the ground in the shape of a pal sphere. It should be visible where you dropped it.

However, players need to be very careful when doing trades on a public server, as a stranger might pick up the Pal Sphere instead.

How to use the Palbox to trade Pals

Exchanging Pals via the Palbox offers a more secure method. But to use this feature, you and your friend need to be in the same guild.

  1. If you haven’t already, create or join a guild with your friend.
  2. Open the Management Box on Pal.
  3. To trade a pal, use the “F” key and drag it into the desired spot.
  4. Your friend can drag your Pal from the slot to their party by opening their Palbox.
  5. Your friend should obtain their Pal by following the same instructions.

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