Palworld: How To Make Electric Egg Incubator

In the recent game update V0.2.0.6, developer Pocket Pair introduced several new features in the Palworld, including some new base building, Raid Boss, and Pal Management features. One of the most prominent additions is the Electric Egg Incubator, which makes breeding much easier as it automatically adjusts room temperature according to whichever egg you are currently trying to hatch.

Hatching Eggs in Palworld needs particular temperature management. Players use heaters and coolers to regulate room temperature according to the egg they are trying to hatch. Here comes the Electric Egg Incubator, which automates this. However, this requires a constant power supply to work.

How To Make an Electric Egg Incubator

To unlock the Electric Egg Incubator, you need to reach level 36. You’ll also need the 5 Ancient Technology Points, which you can obtain by defeating Alpha Pals or Tower Bosses for the first time. Once you unlock the Electric Egg Incubator by reaching the required level, you will need some other materials to get the incubator.

Electric Egg Incubator
Image Source: Screenshot from Palworld
  • 50 Refined Ingots
  • 15 Circuit Boards
  • 10 Ancient Civilization Parts
  • 5 Ancient Civilization Cores

Resources For The Electric Egg Incubator

50 Refined Ingots

An Improved Furnace is required to produce Refined Ingots, which you can unlock at level 34. You’ll need 100 Ore and 100 Coal for 50 Refined Ingots.

15 Circuit Boards

To make Circuit Boards you will need A Production Assembly Line which you can unlock at level 28. 60 Pure Quartz and 30 Polymer are required to craft 15 Circuit Boards.

10 Ancient Civilization Parts

You can collect Ancient Technology Parts from the Alpha Pals you come across on the map. You can also get them from the game’s dungeon bosses.

5 Ancient Civilization Cores

The Ancient Civilization Cores are dropped by either Bellanopir or Bellanoir Libero, one of the raid bosses. Bellanoir has a 100% chance of dropping, but to get five Ancient Civilization Cores, you must defeat Bellanoir five times.

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