Palworld: All about Mine Foreman

Mine Foreman is a passive skill in Palworld that certain Pals possess, which greatly enhances their mining abilities. Such pals have the ability to increase the production of other pals close to them, thus making them a good quality for any mining operation. For a person who is into mining, acquiring or breeding pals with a Mine Foreman can considerably enhance their mining operations.

Mine Foreman Effects and Stats

TierPositive EffectNegative Effect
Tier +325% increase to Player Mining Efficiency

How to Get Mine Foreman

1. Capture Pals

It is crucial to collect pals in Palworld since each of them may have up to four random Passive Skills like mine foreman. To get a pal with the desired skills you must capture many copies.

2. Breeding For Mine Foreman

Breeding Pals in Palworld allows youngsters to acquire Passive Skills from their parents, like Mine Foreman. However, because this procedure is unpredictable, patience may be required.

Best Pals for Mining

Astegon – Mining Lv. 4

  • Astegon can be found at the Destroyed Mineshaft in the volcanic region and the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld.

Blazamut – Mining Lv. 4

  • Blazamut is found deep within the Scorching Mineshaft dungeon. The entrance is located at coordinates -436, -529.4.

Anubis – Mining Lv. 3

  • Anubis can only be found in the Twilight Dunes. Anubis is wandering around a statue of power as you arrive. The coordinates of the location are (-135, -92).

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