How to Beat Marcus & Faleris in Palworld

Palworld, a popular monster-hunting survival game, features hundreds of pals with different elements. Five of these pals will appear in boss battles with rival trainers as you progress in the game. These special tower bosses are usually overpowered in the early to mid-game, attack you hard, and have an enormous amount of health.

Marcus and Faleris are Palworld’s fourth Tower Boss battle, and it is extremely difficult to fight since you need to deal 146,975 damage in just ten minutes while dodging and recalling your Pals at the right time, so you need to be well prepared to fight Marcus and Faleris.

How to Beat Marcus and Faleris

Marcus and Faleris

Reach level 45 or above

First, you must reach level 45 or above to win the battle. This will improve your stats and unlock better equipment, such as the Rocket Launcher and Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armour and Helm. To gain the most XP at this level, defeat Lv. 45+ Alpha Pals in Dungeons or the Overworld.

Farm legendary weapons and armor

Now farm legendary weapons and armor, which are better versions of common gear. This will give you an advantage in combat over standard gear, and you can rely on them to save you from harm for an extended period.

Equip Required Accessories

Make sure to select your character with items that give you extra fighting stats. The tower bosses are the game’s most difficult enemies, so every point you can get will assist. Use an assault rifle, a hyper shield, heat-refined metal armor, and a refined metal helmet to fight Marcus and Faleris.

Continue moving

Felaris’ ranged attacks have a large area of influence on the ground. Make sure to move about regularly so you can evade attacks as they come.

Shoot Marcus for additional damage

Bosses have weak places that, when targeted, cause additional damage. This harm will be displayed in larger text with an orange color. Marcus and Faleris’ weakness is Marcus himself. When shooting with a ranged weapon, always aim toward Marcus.

Use a Pal with water-type attacks.

Faleris is a Fire Element Pal, making it vulnerable to water-type attacks. Water-type Pals are also resistant to fire-type strikes, allowing your pal to live longer in battle. You can use pals like Suzaku Acqa, Kelpsea, and Jormuntide.

Upgrade Your Pal’s Stats

Sacrifice Souls at a Statue of Power

Sacrificing Pal Souls at a Statue of Power grants bonuses to Max HP, Attack, Defense, and Work Speed. This stat increase is percentage-based, so pals with higher base stats benefit more than those with lower stats.

Increase your base stats and partner skill level with the Pal Essence Condenser.

Combining Pals of the same species at the Pal Essence Condenser increases their base stats and partner skill level. This is an important technique in the late game because it is the only way to raise the strength of a partner skill, and a basic stat increase works well with the Statue of Power’s stat boost.

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