Nitewing | Location and How to Catch

Palworld is a survival game that will take you on an amazing gaming journey over its expansive map. Players set out on an adventure through this huge environment, where quick travel is crucial for triumph. Now meet Nitewing, your reliable ally who will help you do much more than just escape obstacles and glide through the sky at a faster pace. He will also help you overcome difficult mountain terrain and more. Check out the guide on how to find and catch Nitewing in Palworld.

What Nitewing looks like

Nitewing in palworld
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld

The Nitewing is available in red, white, and dark grey. Most of its body is dark grey, and it can be found at the tip of its tail, on its flank (the bottom side), on top of its wings, and on top of its head.

The center portion of the head feathers, the belly, breast, and throat, as well as the tips of the wings, are covered in white feathers. Its mouth, the tips of its tail, and the tips of the larger feathers on its face are all covered with red feathers. Nitewing is easier to track down in Palworld, even if it is primarily seen at night. You can also track them during the day.

Steps to Find and Catch Nitewing

Screenshot 2024 02 03 141549
Image source: Screenshot from Palworld
  • Step 1: Open the map and go to the east island of the Sealed Realm of the Abyss Nights (Felbat), where you will find Nitewing Level 18 Alpha Boss.
  • Step 2: Once you find a Nitewing, shoot them with the arrow of your choice.
  • Step 3: Nitewing will also attack you, so be careful while catching it.

After successfully capturing the Nitewing, Go to the technology interface and unlock the Nitewing saddle. Now, assemble it at a Pal Gear Workbench. Finally, press and hold the Ride Button to ride Nitewing in the amazing open world of the game.

Remember, sometimes it is too tricky to catch the nitewing as it flies too high and is rarely seen on the ground. Pal Spheres will not affect the flying Nitewing, so players should have to shoot them with the arrows.

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