How to Get Wheat Seeds

Palworld: How to Get Wheat Seeds

Palworld is a popular monster survival game where you need to gather resources for the survival of yourself and your pals. Without food, your pals can become sick and not work well, so having enough food at your base is important. Wheat seeds is one of the essential materials in Palworld to grow your wheat …

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Lettuce Seeds Palworld

Palworld: How to Get Lettuce Seeds

There are several resources and items in Palworld you need to gather to survive in the Palpagos Islands. Lettuce seeds are one of them that are needed to grow lettuce, which can be used to cook meals and control your and your pal’s hunger. Check out the comprehensive guide to get Lettuce Seeds. Purchase From …

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How to Get Tomato Seeds

How to Get Tomato Seeds in Palworld

Plaworld, a popular survival game, offers you an amazing adventure in the Palpagos Islands, catching the mysterious creatures known as Pals. You can get them into your team by defeating them, and then they can work for you on your farm to make essential items for the game. However, for that, you need to feed …

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