How to get Ancient Civilization Parts Palworld

Ancient Civilization Parts are materials in Palworld that contain important information about vanished technology. These crystals have enormous worth and are much sought after by people from many backgrounds. You can use ancient civilization parts to improve your character and strengthen your base. These components are needed to build a variety of vital things, including egg incubators, shields, spherical launchers, and more.

In Palworld, securing Ancient Civilization Parts involves two primary methods: knock out and loot Alpha Pals or defeat Dungeon Bosses.

Ancient Civilization Parts from Alpha Pals

Alpha Pals are larger than their normal counterparts, can be seen in the open world, and are indicated on your map by a circle. These circles have the level of the Alpha Pal written on them, so you can decide if you want to kill it or not. So go there and fight, and after winning a battle, earn yourself some Ancient Civilization Parts.

Ancient Civilization Parts From Dungeon Bosses

Just like with Alpha Pals, dungeon bosses also drop ancient civilization parts after they die; however, locating them within dungeons is tough. Dungeons remain active for 300 minutes before being closed, and their respawn times are unknown. Once inside, finding your way through its varied layouts, which range from single rooms to intricate cave systems, can be intimidating.

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