Palworld: How to Get Ice Organs and Uses

Ice Organ is a material in Palworld that is used to build refrigeration equipment, winter armor sets, cooler boxes, ice mines, and other items. You can obtain this valuable material by defeating or catching an Ice Element Pal, or by purchasing it from a Wandering Merchant. Check out the details below.

How to Get Ice Organs
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How to Get Ice Organs

Ice Organs are obtained by catching or defeating Ice Elements pals including:

  • Pengullet (#10)
  • Penking (#11)
  • Jolthog Cryst (#12)
  • Mau Cryst (#24)
  • Hangyu Cryst (#32)
  • Foxcicle (#57)
  • Reindrix (#59)
  • Vanwyrm Cryst (#71)
  • Sibelyx (#79)
  • Cryolinx (#83)
  • Ice Reptyro (#88)
  • Ice KIngpaca (#89)
  • Wumpo (#91)
  • Frostallion (#110)


Pengullet Locations
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Pengullet is the most common pal in the list that you can catch and get the Ice Organs. Pengullet can be found in several locations during the day as well as at night, including Natural Bridge, Grassy Behemoth Hills, and Castaway Beach. Check out the other’s location below.

PenkingNo. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary island
Jolthog CrystSpawns among a pack of Direhowl in various spots.
Mau CrystAstral Mountains west of the Dessicated Dessert.
Hangyu CrystFrozen northern continent of the Astral Mountains
FoxcicleNortheast of the Tower of Free Pal Alliance
ReindrixCold Shore fast travel point
VanwyrmSealed Realm of the Swordmaster and Mount Obsidian Midpoint teleport points
SibelyxFree Pal Alliance Tower Entrance
CryolinxWest of the PAL Genetic Research Tower
Ice ReptyroSacred Mountain Cavern dungeon set
Ice KingpacaMiddle of the Forgotten Mineshaft
WumpoTundra region
Frostallion East of the Land of Absolute Zero

How to buy Ice Organs from Wandering Merchants 

Buy Ice Organs from Wandering Merchants
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Ice Organs from Wandering Merchants Location
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Wandering merchants in Palworld offer an extensive variety of rare items, including schematics, consumables, and crafting ingredients. These merchants sell ice organs, which is probably the easiest way to obtain them. Wandering Merchants can be found in the Dune Shelter, which is located on the northeastern part of the map. Once there, buy ice organs from Red Coat for 100 gold.

Use of Ice Organs in Palworld

Ice Organs are essential for creating various items, such as refrigeration machines and winter armor sets. These are critical base upgrades that can assist protect your territory or keep food from decaying. The material can be used to create many Key Items that benefit your Ice type Pals.

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