10 Best Games like Palworld for Android

Palworld emerged as a sensational success in 2024, the Pokemon with Guns survival game captivating a massive fanbase quickly after its release. Palworld is currently only available on Windows and Xbox, but many gamers are eager to play it.

Worry no more if you have an Android phone but lack the appropriate tool! You can still enjoy a similar gaming experience on your Android mobile to Palworld. Check out the 10 games like Palworld for Android.

Games like Palworld for Android Phones

10. Monster Hunter Now

monster hunter

Monster Hunter Now offers an incredible gaming experience similar to Palworld, proposing a massive open-world map. In this game, players encounter creatures that are similar to those in Palworld and engage in thrilling struggles to survive.

9. Dark and Light

dark light

Dark and Light offers a similar gaming experience to Palworld, blending survival factors with magic. This game, which is powered by Unreal Engine 4, offers players a huge, dynamic world full of diverse landscapes and fantastical creatures.

Like in Palworld, players can build a base, tame magical creatures who are similar to palss, explore magical technology, and more.

8. Monster Hunter Stories 2

monester hunter stories

Monster Hunter 2 is gaining popularity as a replacement for Pokémon games for those looking for something like Palworld. In addition to creature-catching, Palworld retains many of its characteristics, but pals are transformed into monsters. Although this PC game is similar to Palworld in terms of gameplay, users can download it to their Android devices by using a Nintendo Switch emulator.

In Monster Hunter 2, players are going to discover a sizable open-world environment full of monsters of various sizes that they can encounter and take control of. Similar to Palworld, players can also produce monsters by incubating eggs.

7. Auroria


Similar to Palworld, Auroria provides a full gaming experience including survival, crafting, farming, combat, and more. Players encounter a variety of animals and creatures, many of which might assist them, in addition to pals similar to those seen in Palworld. In a variety of games, participants can set up their bases, and travel vehicles. While the game is currently in beta testing, the full release is coming soon.

6. Metria


Matria features an enormous map that is home to animals that are similar to pals in Palworld. These creatures have amazing levels and skills that players can engage with. Gamers can fight those monsters, but they cannot travel with or catch them; instead, their focus is on action, adventure, and survival.

5. Noah’s Heart

noahs heart

Noah’s Heart provides a large, open-world area that is reminiscent of Palworld, complete with locations and graphics that are similar. There are many different animals and monsters that players can fight and even trip over, ranging from common enemies to fearsome bosses. There are also quests for players to finish in this recreation.

4. Volzerk


Released a year earlier than Palworld, Volzerk gives a similar gaming enjoyment with its map, places, and dungeon exploration. Players can explore the map, capture Pokémon-like creatures, and journey them, just like in Palworld.

3. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Pokémon Scarlet provides a fast-paced Pokemon experience similar to Palworld, allowing players to catch, battle, and travel around a large world full of NPCs. Although this PC game is similar to Palworld in terms of gameplay, users can download it to their Android devices by using a Nintendo Switch emulator.

2. ARK Survival

Ark survival

Palworld’s survival rules are similar to ARK Survival, although dinosaurs swap pals. With detailed graphics and a fully immersive survival experience, this game offers a similar experience to Palworld for Android.

1. Pokemon Legend Arceus

Pokemon Legend Arceus

Like ARK Survival, Pokemon Legend Arceus provides a Palworld-style survival experience, with Pokemon serving as the opposite of pals in the game. In addition to fighting and capturing Pokemon, players can explore a large world with an engaging storyline. Gamers can use a Nintendo Switch emulator to play this PC imitation on an Android device.

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