Ingredients for Cake in Palworld

Palworld: How to Get All Ingredients for Cake

The cake is one of the most essential items in Palworld to feed the pals to breed the stronger pals on your base. Stronger pals are necessary to defeat the Alpha Bosses and to catch more and more pals for you with ease. This increases the importance of cake for making stronger pals. Check out …

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How to breed an Astegon

Palworld: How to Find and breed an Astegon

Astegon is a dark/dragon element pal in the game. It is one of those rare late-game pals that every player will want to have on his team. However, it’s not easy to breed the Astegon, as it requires rare pals for breeding. Check out the comprehensive guide to breeding an Astegon. How to Breed Astegon …

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