How to find and catch Beakon in Palworld

Beakon is an electric element pal in the game who can do electric damage to the player’s mounted attacks. One of the best options for flying mounts to catch is Beakon. Check out a comprehensive guide to find and catch Beakon in Palworld.  Where to find Beakon? Alpha Beakon The Alpha Beakon can be found …

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Best Electric Pals Ranking

Palworld: 10 Best Electric Pals As Per Ranking

Palworld has different kinds of pals, including water element pals, dark element pals, dragon element pals, electric element pals, and more. The electric element pals are special Because they can drive your manufacturing lines by supplying electricity to your base generators. Electric pals are good against water pals but not so great against ground pals. …

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