Digtoise Palworld

Digtoise | Location, Breeding, Stats, Skills

Digtoise is one of the best ground element pals in the game. This creature will help you with one of the important tasks, like mining. It will give you access to coal and ore, which are necessary for building your world and getting the best equipment and improvements.  Stats Where to Find Digtoise Digtoise is …

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Cawgnito Location

Cawgnito | Location, Breeding, Stats, Skills

Cawgnito is a dark element pal in the game that can attach a devastating phantom peck to a targeted enemy. This pal is not the rarest in the game, although it may be challenging to catch. But no worries; we have compiled a comprehensive guide to get Cawgnito in Palworld.  Stats Where to Find Cawgnito …

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