Palworld Pokemon Mod

Palworld: Pokemon Mod is Available For Download Now

The highly conversational Palworld pokemod mode, which was unavailable for a while, has returned. However, notice how it no longer looks like a Pokemon at all. Everything in this mod has been modified by modder “ToastedShoes” in response to Nintendo’s action. Palworld Pokemon Mod, created by ToastedShoes, gained popularity for changing the main character into …

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firstperson mod palworld

Palworld: First-person Mod Allows You to Play in FP Mode

A popular third-person monster-hunting video game, Palworld, is now possible to play in first-person mode. The new Palworld mod gives you this amazing opportunity to experience Palworld in first-person mode. Check out how to play Palworld in first-person mode.  Players can now play Palworld in first person thanks to a “simple mod” that was just …

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