How to Emote Palworld

Palworld, a popular monster-hunting game developed by Pocket Pair, offers amazing adventure on its big map, the Palpagos Islands. Like other games, Palworld also offers emoticons to express yourself and celebrate in the game. Check out a guide to emote in Palworld.

You will get the emotes in Palworld right from the start of the game. The emoticon option allows you to communicate without voice chat, and it is pretty easy to use as well. You will find the emote option in your Pal Commands, which you can access using the number 4 on your keyboard. Once in there, select the emotes, including:

How to Emote in palworld
Image Source: Palworld
How to Emote in palworld
Image Source: Palworld
  • Hand Over: Extend your right arm and show off your open palm.
  • Surprised: Let out a gasp and retreat a step in surprise.
  • Sit on the Ground: Take a seat exactly where you are.
  • Sit in Chair: Take a seat in a chair by stooping down.
  • Wave: Move your right arm in a sweeping motion.
  • Dance: Spin around in a one-handed handstand.
  • Beckon: Shout, raise your arms.

Click on the one you want to do, and your in-game character will perform that emote until you move from the place. Following the same steps, you can change or repeat the emote. You can perform Sit on Chair Emote near any chair or piece of furniture, and your character will sit there.

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